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Clatsop Coin is available for the assessment and liquidation of numismatics based in Astoria, Oregon, at the mouth of the Columbia River since 2010. I no longer have a storefront but I work in cooperation with a large network of other coin dealers. My customers are generally located between Tillamook, Clatsop, Pacific, Wahkiakum, and Grays Harbor Counties.

.999 Silver and American Silver Eagles (ASEs)

I have available American Silver Eagles, from a minimum order of 60 ASEs up to a full Monster Box of 500 ASEs. Note: I do NOT ship ASEs (except for First Salutes situations below). Please call for local payment/delivery details. In 2015, I am uniquely positioned to sell ASEs to the 30,000 cruise ship passengers and 2500 crewmembers. Likewise, I can assist the crew on any of the 750 freighters while they visit the Port of Astoria or wait in the Astoria Anchorage before moving to their berths in Portland, Vancouver, Cathlamet, Rainier, or Longview. I’ve served 10 years at sea and I understand this unique situation.

First Salute American Silver Eagles: If you are the Point of Contact for your Academy, OCS, Direct Commision, ROTC, or Warrant Officer appointment class prior to receiving your Military Commissions, I can assist in the Silver Dollar for your First Salute (minimum order waived).


Pressed (Elongated) Pennies from Astoria

Clatsop Coin owns a Pressed Penny Machine located at Astoria Vintage Hardware at the foot of 14th street on the waterfront in Astoria. The following images are available:
These are available by mail, pressed on brilliant uncirculated pre-1982 copper cents, for $2.00 each which includes first class mail to U. S. locations. Extra charge applies if I have to fill out a postal customs form.

Bourse Lamp Bases

Bourse Lamp Bases are made with pride in Clatsop County, Oregon


These easily slide under my Allstate display cases as they will yours, regardless of your specific trade show needs. These are priced at $32.50 each plus actual shipping cost. They ship nicely in multiples of two or four per box. They are powder-coated in either Black or Ecru. Orders of 24 or more can be powder-coated any color for an additional $5 each. Note: Custom color orders only available February through September.

National Bank Notes

I am researching the seven local (within 50 miles of Astoria, Oregon) banks that had their bank names on National Currency. They include:

  • The First National Bank of Astoria, Oregon; Charter Number 3486
  • The Astoria National Bank; Charter Number 4403
  • The First National Bank of South Bend, Washington; Charter Number 4476
  • The First National Bank of Wheeler, Oregon; Charter Number 12427
  • The National Bank of Commerce of Astoria, Oregon; Charter Number 13534
  • The National Bank of Clatskanie, Oregon; Charter Number 14001
  • The First National Bank of Raymond, Washington; Charter Number 11672

If you have any information on paper currency from these banks please let me know.

A little history of me: I spent 28 years in the military…it did not prepare me to do one million dollars of business in a four year time frame. Yes, I was blessed with creating a business that did a quarter million dollars a year for the four years I had a storefront. I have stepped away from a storefront because the landlord was remodeling the building and I have not been led by the Lord to open up in a new location. I am taking some of this time to evaluate my business practices since there is lot of difference of running a small department on a ship and running a business.

Additionally, I’ll be loving my God, my family and living more of life to the fullest.
-Scott McClaine

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